About Me

An ardent technophile, an amateur violinist and a proud Parselmouth, I graduated from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus in May 2015. In order to gain an exposure to the software industry I worked as a developer for 1110 days till July 2018. Since September, 2018 I have been in Edmonton pursuing M.Sc. Computing Science with specialization multimedia at the University of Alberta.

Inquisitive by nature, I like learning new things. I love to travel (a lot) and explore new places. I am fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, and also learning French and Spoken Chinese (Pinyin). If I am not on the road you can find me reading on my Kindle or programming on my PC.

On the technical front also I am equally curious. My main area of interest is Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I have programming experience in Python, Java, C#, Objective C, JavaScript, Swift, C++, C, HTML, CSS, PHP, MATLAB, Arduino and Verilog. On the side, I am also learning Android App Development.

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M.Sc. Computing Science with specialization multimedia

University of Alberta

Relevant Coursework

Computer Vision and 3DTV, Graphics and Animation, Multimedia Communications, AI & Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing, Introduction to Virtual/Augmented Reality and Telepresence


Self Driving Car Engineer



Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Sensor Fusion, Localization, Control, Path Planning, Concentrations, and Systems


B.E. (Hons), Electrical and Electronics

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani

Relevant Coursework

Data Structures and Algotithms, Object Oriented Programming and Design, Microprocessor Design and Interfacing, Digital Design, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Communication and Networks, Satellite Communication, Mobile Telecommunication Networks, Principles of Management

Skill Set

Work Experience

Seven Lakes Technologies

Oct 2016 - Current, Software Developer

  • Core member of the Joyn-FDG™ app development team.
  • Developed several key features for the windows and iOS applications (WPF/.NET/C#/Objective-C)
  • Implemented a dynamic route generation algorithm - a priority based algorithm that helped in improving the client productivity (Java).
  • Collaborated on the development of the Joyn-FDG™ Saas product (Node.js)
  • Initiated the process of writing unit test cases for the Joyn Analytics™ platform(Python).
  • Awarded with the Rising Star of Seven Lakes award (Dec 2017)

Bharat Dynamics Limited

Jun - Dec 2014, Intern

  • Extracted object of interest from the video frames using blob detection.
  • Used Kalman Filter to track and predict the path.
  • Implementation done using Python and OpenCV, and in VHDL on a FPGA.

Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Jun 2015 - Sep 2016, Applications Developer

  • Member of the CPQ Cloud development team.
  • Worked on enhancing the existing functionality for the product.
  • Added support for new features like titles generation, accessibility, iconsets and translations.(Java)

Essar Power MP Pvt. Ltd.

May - Jul 2013, Summer Intern

  • Developed a basic a database management system for the facilities provided to the residents in the company township.(JS/PHP/MySQL)
  • Studied and identified the various types of electrical faults and protection schemes implemented in the plant to prevent any type of damages.
  • Analyzed the working of an ESP, its various components and the ESP Controller.


Programming a Real Self-Driving Car Capstone project for Udacity Self Driving Car Nano Degree
Developed using ROS and tested on Udacity's Self Driving Car, Carla
Implemented nodes for traffic light detection, waypoint following and control
Semantic Segmentation Used a Fully Convolutional Network to label the pixels of a road in images.
Path Planning Designed a path planner to create smooth, safe paths for the car to follow along a 3 lane highway with traffic
Model Predictive Control Implemented a Model Predictive Control using a kinematic model to drive the car around the track.
Fitted the MPC by looking N points ahead spaced by dt seconds and fitting it to a third order polynomial.
PID Controller Implement a PID controller in C++ to maneuver the vehicle around the track!
Utilized the cross track error (CTE) and the velocity (mph) from the simulator to compute the appropriate steering angle.
Kidnapped Vehicle Implemented a 2 dimensional particle filter in C++.
Used the parameters from the simulator to accurately localize the vehicle position and yaw
Unscented Kalman Filter Utilized an Unscented Kalman Filter to estimate the state of a moving object of interest with noisy lidar and radar measurements
Code written in C++
Extended Kalman Filter Utilized a kalman filter to estimate the state of a moving object of interest with noisy lidar and radar measurements.
Code written in C++
Vehicle Detection and Tracking Identified vehicles in a video from a front-facing camera on a car using HOG feature extraction and a Linear SVM classifier
Advanced Lane Finding Used camera calibrationm, distortion correction , color transforms, gradients, etc., to detect and fit lane pixels
Behavioral Cloning Used the image data and steering angles from the Udacity simulator to train a convolutional neural network (Keras) and used this model to drive a car autonomously around the track.
Traffic Sign Classifier Classified traffic signs using deep neural networks and convolutional neural networks.
Used tensor flow for implementation
Finding Lane Lines Identified lane lines on the road in an image and a video stream using python
Text Summarizer Built a text summarizer to summazrize emails and articles
Used snowball stemmer, tokenizer and wordnet to filter
Used Naive Bayes for scoring
Robotic Arm Training Used edge and blob detection to identify a food particle and trained a robotic arm using reinforcement learning to feed it to a mouth
Real time detection and tracking of a moving coloured object Developed algorithms to trace the path of a colored moving objects. Programmed algorithms in MATLAB and Python(OpenCv)
Sign Language Identifier for the Visually Impaired Used Principal Component Analysis for feature extraction and k-Nearest Neighbors to classify Sign Language alphabets.(MATLAB)
Used Gesture Dataset (2012) provided by Massey University for training and testing.
Soil Nutrient Analysis Designed a portable embedded instrumentation systems (Arduino nano) to analyze the nutrients contents in soil using spectroscopic methods.
Designed and built android app to display results over Bluetooth.
Dipole Antenna Analysis Analyzed the various properties of thin wire dipole antennas using numerical methods.
Visualized the properties and methods (method of moments) using MATLAB.
Py Anagrammatic A two-player LAN game written in python. Inspired by Miniclip's Anagrammatic
Random Python Scripts Several small python scripts that I develop to automate some of my day to day tasks. Hosted on github
Development of Database Management System for Essar Power Township, Mahan Created a database management system (DBMS) for the residents of the company township using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
Protection Schemes of a Thermal Power Plant Studied and analyzed the various types of electrical faults and protection schemes implemented in the thermal power plant to prevent any type of damage.
Analysis of the Electrostatic Precipitator and Its Controller Studied in detail the working of an ESP and analyzed the functioning of its various components Also examined the ESP Controller used in the plant.